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why should you choose us?

well, kind guest, thanks for asking, here are some things..

/w - our beloved interface!

be in control - anytime & anywhere


If you’re a paid user, you can interact with everyone on the interface, keep contact with your online friends!


Get all our releases, fast.

From here you can download our the last version of our highly appriciated Mod Menu.

Statistics &
Server Status

See how many users we have, how many users registered today, how many times you logged in and more!

Also, you can see if our servers are offline.


Giveaways, but different.

If you’re active within a certain timeframe you can catch the Airdrop!

Hardware Protection

Reset your Hardware Protection Status directly from our dashboard.

Quick & simple.


Get notified about everything!

When you login, when you transfer money, when you reset your Hardware Protection status.

Watch everything that happens!


To login into the Mod Menu, you need to enter your username/email and password.

So you basically need an account anyway.

Shock Wallet

We have our own currency!

Everyone gets a wallet, from which everyone can transfer & receive!


You can completely customize the dashboard’s colors, hmm maybe it will synchronize with the menu soon?

Redeem Keys

Bought a key?

Here you can redeem it.

( Cash Cards, Membership License Keys & Membership Upgrade Keys )

Dynamic Discord Token

Link your Membership & Account to our Discord server with one randomly generated command!

Shock Metrics

See our expansion live.

We offer you a graph with our newly registered members in the past 6 months, that’s transparency right?

money drop lobby pls?
Money &
Leveling options
Financial Freedom

We’ve been able to add 1$ Trillion to one of our accounts.

Why shouldn’t you be able to do it aswell?

Stopping the grind

Doing missions everyday isn’t really worth it, is it?

Why not setting your level from anywhere between 0 to 8000 ?

Helping friends

Yes, money dropping is also a thing.

Doing recoveries is also possible, just login into your friends Socialclub account and help them out 😉

do I have to pay again for when the game updates?
GTA5 & Menu
GTA5 Updates

Because of our super-human developers, we’re able to update the mod menu within ~1 hour after the game update.

And yes, it’s free & you can download it on our dashboard directly when released.

Menu Updates

Once you pay, you can always hope for new updated content 😉

Our memberships are lifetime.

Hotfixes & Bugfixes

Bugs & errors can happen, but we take care of them.

Sometimes faster than you expect!

show me some features!
Godmode, Run Options
Unlimited $ / Max Level
Vehicle Spawner
Portable Los Santos Customs
Join others by their Rockstar ID
Spam Custom Crew Notifications
Remote Stats [Reports] editing
Freeze / Water Loop / Fire Loop
Spectate Players
Airstrike Players
Banner Notification / Infinite Loading spam
Money Gun
Self / Remote Particle Effects
Black Hole
Map Mods & Raps
Weather/ Time Options / Meteorite Rain
Instant Orbital Cannon
Kick Lobby / Players
Kill All / Burn All / Teleport All
Steal Vehicle & Drive It To Waypoint
Clone Player / Send NPCs to Attack
Attach Peds
Chat Commands
ESP [wallhack]
Give Weapons to players
Money Drop / Lobby
Spam Lobby with Notifications
[money added / removed / etc. ]
Full Feature List

Available for each Membership

you got them securities?
Protection, Security & Transparency
Database Encryption

All our databases are encrypted with the AES256 Standard, meaning even if attackers get their hands on your data, it will be encrypted and safe.

Hardware Protected

When logging into the menu, we generate & store a unique key.

If you wanted to switch computers, you’d have to manually disable Hardware Protection to be able to login again.

App Encryption

Our GTA5 Menu is completely encrypted & obfuscated to make attackers mad :3


To stay safe we’ve picked Malaysia/Asia as our location for our servers.

pls help??

We, humans, learn all our lives.

That’s why we always write articles on how to use our menu.

Confusion was yesterday.


If you experience problems, we’re here to help.

Either through the SHOCK™ Help-Center our through Discord.

We care about your experience!

what about in-game protection?
#1 Anti-Modder Solution
~30+ Protections

Whilst unprotected, other modders can kick you, attach objects to you and do a lot of other things to you.

Enjoy our protections & say goodbye to them.

Aggresive Anti-Modder Solutions

You can protect yourself, or go in the offensive.

How can they kick you, when you kicked them first? 

Socialclub ID Protection

Sadly Rockstar Games doesn’t protect their platform really well, and other modders can send you notifications

 & follow you around in lobbies, but if you hide your real Socialclub ID you can avoid all of that.

membership & prices.
15€ / Lifetime
30€ / Lifetime
45€ / Lifetime
our achievements
Just Started

We’ve started on

the 7th of April 2020

200 Interface Users

We’ve achieved this on

the 14th of April 2020

100 Discord Members

We’ve achieved this on

the 7th of April 2020

10 Sales

We’ve achieved this on

the 9th of April 2020

100 Interface Users

We’ve achieved this on

the 10th of April 2020