Zombie to Villain Premium Upgrade

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    • Bitcoin Payment
    • License Code

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Gives you the “Villain” Membership on our dashboard, redeemable.

You have to have at least the “Zombie” Membership to redeem it.

Can be traded & transferred – can also be redeemed to other Shock users.

Can be used to directly get a Membership upgrade.

Paying through BTC / BCH / Bitcoin Voucher

For further questions, you can write our sales representative ShockQueen#1362 on Discord.

    • Send the exact amount of Bitcoin to your generated address
    • In addition, you can pay with Crypto Vouchers
      • You can buy those at
      • Make sure the amount of Bitcoin is right
      • You should to pay a bit more through this way, although we check the orders manually every few hours
    • One Bitcoin Confirmation required (10 Minutes - 1 Hour)
    • After the confirmation is done, you will receive an e-mail containing the license key

      You can redeem the key you receive per e-mail here