–|—-|–Lightning [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Clown Effects [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Firework [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Alien 1 [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Alien 2 [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Electric [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Water Splash [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Smoke [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Stars [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Ghost Rider [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Particle Size [Scale 0.010000 to 3.500000]
–|—-|–Clown Appears [Button]
–|—-|–Firework 1 [Button]
–|—-|–Firework 2 [Button]
–|—-|–Firework 3 [Button]
–|—-|–Truck Crash [Button]
–|—-|–Alien 1 [Button]
–|—-|–Alien 2 [Button]
–|—-|–Electric Box [Button]
–|—-|–Water Splash [Button]
–|—-|–Bubbles [Button]
–|—-|–Blood Entry [Button]
–|—-|–Sniper Impact [Button]
–|—-|–Dirt Throw [Button]
–|—-|–Blood Stab [Button]
–|—-|–Ped Sliced [Button]
–|—-|–Camera [Button]
–|—-|–Meth Smoke [Button]
–|—-|–Burial Dirt [Button]
–|—-|–Outfit Creator
–|—-|–Default Components [Button]
–|—-|–Randomize Components [Button]
–|—-|–Rockstar Logo [Button]
–|—-|–SWAT [Button] – Applies SWAT components to the player
–|—-|–Santa [Button] – Applies Santa components to the player
–|—-|–Snowman [Button] – Applies Snowman components to the player
–|–Ride Animals
–|—-|–Stop Ride [Button]
–|—-|–Ride Deer [Button]
–|—-|–Sit On Deer [Button]
–|—-|–Ride Walking Deer [Button]
–|—-|–Ride Cow [Button]
–|–God Mode [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Never Wanted [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Wanted Level [Scale 0 to 5]
–|–Invisible [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Off Radar [Toggle On / Off] – Uses Lester
–|–Off Radar V2 [Toggle On / Off] – Marks user as dead
–|–Run Fast [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Super Run [Toggle On / Off] – Faster than “Run Fast” option
–|–Swim Fast [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Fast Crouch Walk [Toggle On / Off] – Increases character speed when crouched
–|–Explosive Melee [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Super Jump [Toggle On / Off]
–|–No Clip [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Full Health [Button] – Refills the players health
–|–Full Armor [Button] – Refills the players armor
–|–Cleaner [Button] – Cleans the players character
–|–Suicide [Button] – Kills the players character

–|–All Players
–|—-|–Exclude Players
–|—-|—-|–Exclude Friends [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Exclude Self [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Send Invites [Apartment / Yacht / Office / Motorcycle Club (MC) / Office Garage / OFFGS]
–|—-|–Shake Cam [Button]
–|—-|–Airstrike [Button]
–|—-|–Force To SP [Button]
–|—-|–CEO Kick [Button]
–|—-|–CEO Ban [Button]
–|—-|–Delete All Objects (near players) [Button]
–|–Players List
–|—-|—-|–Spectate [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Weapon Options
–|—-|—-|—-|–Give All Weapons [Button]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Give All mk2 Weapons [Button]
–|—-|—-|–Abuse Options
–|—-|—-|—-|–Fire Loop [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Water Loop [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Force To New Session [Button]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Trap In Cage [Button]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Force Up Player [Button]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Silent Kill Player [Button]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Airstrike [Button]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Ram With Vehicle [Button]
–|—-|—-|—-|–Kick From Vehicle [Button]
–|—-|—-|–ESP Only Player [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Lock Waypoint On Player [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Attach To Player [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Copy Player Outfit [Button]
–|—-|—-|–Shake Cam [Button]
–|—-|—-|–Teleport To Player [Only Me / Only Near Players / You And Near Players]
–|—-|—-|–Teleport In Vehicle [Button]
–|–Session Weather
–|—-|–Set Weather Only For Other Players [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Party Session [Toggle On / Off] – Changes weather frequently, automatically
–|—-|–Extra Sunny [Button]
–|—-|–Clear [Button]
–|—-|–Clouds [Button]
–|—-|–Smog [Button]
–|—-|–Foggy [Button]
–|—-|–Overcast [Button]
–|—-|–Rain [Button]
–|—-|–Thunder [Button]
–|—-|–Clearing [Button]
–|—-|–Neutral [Button]
–|—-|–Snow [Button]
–|—-|–Blizzard [Button]
–|—-|–SnowLight [Button]
–|—-|–XMas [Button]
–|—-|–Halloween [Button]
–|—-|–Black Screen [Button]
–|—-|–Create Lightning [Button]
–|—-|–ESP Settings
–|—-|—-|–Include Friends [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Include non Friends [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Classic ESP [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Lines ESP [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Name ESP [Toggle On / Off]

–|–TP Near Players With You [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–North Yankton [Button]
–|—-|–Porn Yacht [Button]
–|—-|–Aircraft Carrier [Button]
–|—-|–Sunken Cargoship [Button]
–|—-|–Hospital [Button]
–|—-|–Oneil Farm [Button]
–|—-|–Life Invader Office [Button]
–|—-|–Cargoship [Button]
–|—-|–Jewelry Store [Button]
–|—-|–Morgue [Button]
–|–TP To Waypoint [Button]
–|–TP To Objective [Button]
–|–Island [Button]
–|–Island 2 [Button]
–|–Island 3 [Button]
–|–Boat Under Water [Button]
–|–Cave In Sea [Button]
–|–On Object In Sea [Button]
–|–Galileo Observatory [Button]
–|–Vinewood Sign [Button]
–|–Beach [Button]
–|–Mine Shaft [Button]
–|–Ghost Girl [Button]
–|–On A Built [Button]
–|–Maze Bank [Button]
–|–Military Base [Button]
–|–Zancudo Tower [Button]
–|–Mask Shop [Button]
–|–LSC [Button]
–|–Ammunation [Button]
–|–Airport [Button]
–|–Clothes Store [Button]
–|–Waterfall [Button]
–|–FIB [Button]
–|–Human Labs [Button]
–|–MMI [Button]
–|–Sandy Shores Airfield [Button]
–|–Custom Coors (x,y,z) [Button]

–|—-|–**NO OPTIONS**
–|–Owned Explosions (some options) [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Valkyire Rocket [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Rope Gun [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Explosive Ammo [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Fire Ammo [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Airstrike Weapon [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Driove It Weapon [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Shoot Buses [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Shoot Oppressor mk2 [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Fake Money Gun [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Give All Weapons [Button]
–|–Give Mk2 Weapons [Button]

–|–Vehicle Spawner
–|—-|—-|–Delete Previous Car [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Spawn in Car [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Spawn Maxed [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Spawn Godmoded [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–Spawn Chrome [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|—-|–OP Engine Power [Toggle On / Off]
–|—-|–Custom Input [Text Entry]
–|—-|–1.50 DLC
–|—-|–1.48 DLC
–|—-|–1.46 DLC
–|—-|–1.43 DLC
–|—-|–Sport Classic
–|–Horn Boost [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Drift Mode [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Vehicle GodMode [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Rainbow Vehicle [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Seatbelt [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Vehicle Weapons [None / Stungun / Grenade / RPG / Firework / Railgun / Molotov / Snowball / Tank Bullet] – Use with the + key (Numpad)
–|–Change Plate Number [Text Entry]
–|–Fix Vehicle [Button]
–|–Upgrade Vehicle [Button]
–|–Boost Forward [Button]
–|–Boost Backward [Button]
–|–Bunnyhop [Button]

–|–Idle Kick [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Non Host Kicks [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Force To New Lobbs [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Teleport To Apartments [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Infinity Loading [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Transaction Error [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Force To Missions [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Receive Invites [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Securoserv Ban[Toggle On / Off]
–|–Securoserv Kick [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Stop And Kick From Car [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Camera Reset [Toggle On / Off]
–|–GTA Banner Effect [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Clone Spawn [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Attach Objects [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Block All Scripted Events [Toggle On / Off]


–|–Delete Nearby Vehicles [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Boost Nearby Vehicles [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Rainbow Nearby Vehicles [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Explode Nearby Vehicles [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Lightning Loop [Toggle On / Off]
–|–Drive Train [Button]
–|–Explode Wave [Button]
–|–Skip Cutscene [Button]
–|–Remove Orbital Cannon Cooldown [Button]
–|–Wave Intensity [Scale 0 to 100]
–|–Reset Wave Intensity [Button]
–|–Flash Minimap [Button]
–|–Slow Motion [Toggle On / Off]

–|–SC Name [Text] – Displays your current social club name
–|–SC ID [Integer] – Displays your current social club ID
–|–Shock Menu Version
–|–Shock Membership

–|–Menu Scale Height [Scale 0.4 to 1.0]
–|–Menu Scale Width [Scale 0.4 to 1.0]
–|–Menu X
–|–Menu Y
–|–Scroll Delay [Scale 40 to 400]
–|–Horizontal Delay [Scale 20 to 200]
–|–Select Static Header [Yellow / Black / Black & Yellow]
–|–Reset All [Button]